Why Us?
  1. 1. We work exclusively for LGBT community.
  2. 2. LGBT Friendly team to handle bookings.
  3. 3. All team members are exclusively trained for LBGT community.
  4. 4. Every guest gets single point contact during the journey.
  5. 5. We respect your privacy & guarantee the same while your trip.

Exclusively for Pink Travelers

  1. 1. Massage by Gay/Gay friendly masseur (in select cities)
  2. 2. Gay/gay friendly accompanying escort can be provided for the entire trip
  3. 3. We can also arrange an interaction with the people from the local LGBT community or organizations representing them (in select cities).
  4. 4. Dinner at VEDA (Delhi)- owned by Rohit Bal also known as golden child of Indian Fashion and Gay scene.

These are just few things to name but we have many more surprises waiting for you…..